What’s Brewing – September 2018


The questions and discussion these days around St. Arbucks is focusing on the question, “Who are your Heroes?”  It surfaced after the death of Senator John McCain last week. Many tributes continue to pour in in memory of and in honor of Mr. McCain’s service to his Lord, his country, and the world. Young and old, Republican and Democrat, and people from all walks of life and ancestry, continue to hail him as a true servant and stalwart of the U.S.A. and of humility, truth, honesty, and civility. May more leaders recognize him as a true hero and model of humanity at its best!

So back to the conversations around the aromatic atmosphere of St. Arbucks! Why not spend some time these days remembering your heroes, both past and present? It serves as a significant exercise in thanking and praising the Lord for the people who He has placed into our lives. Hopefully, it will trigger in each of us the thankfulness, the memories, and the specific reasons why these people popped into our minds as our “heroes”! Keep thinking now as I recall a few of my own heroes:

  1. Belma Boyer, my 2nd grade teacher. First of all, I must confess that I liked her because I knew that she liked me! She was patient, thoughtful, energizing, and she laughed a lot, with me rather than at me!
  2. Bill Gust, an adult member of my home congregation. I saw him as a hero because he was about the only adult who would actually talk to me before and after worship services. He convinced me that there really were at least some “older people” who liked “younger people”, although I do wish there had been many more Bill Gusts around for me to like also!
  3. Andy Pafko – Mr. Pafko was the All-Star 3rd baseman for the Chicago Cubs. He visited our grade school one day and I was so impressed, first because he was personable and friendly, and also because he was a Lutheran! Imagine that – a star professional baseball player who was actually Lutheran! I “worshipped” the autographed baseball he gave me that day, although my Mom somehow lost it a few years later (But that’s another story!)
  4. Dolores Murray – Dolores was the first secretary I had ever served with in our first parish, St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas. She quickly became one of our best friends, support people, and confidant. She listened, laughed, forgave, and modeled what friendship, families, and faith are all about.

There are so many other “heroes” that come to mind for me, but now it’s your turn. Think through your memories and jot down a few of your heroes. Think about why you thought of them, and then thank the Lord for them! What a “Holy Habit” this exercise would be if we would do this regularly to thank God for the wonderful, lovable, forgiving folks that have blessed us on our journey of life! Thanks Lord, for those remembered and even for those forgotten!

The final assignment for us from St. Arbucks is to ponder the question, “Who in our lives today, as well as yesterday, might be “mentioning” our names as their “heroes”? Really? Really! Might it be helpful if we intentionally looked around us to see how we can make a difference in younger people’s lives, right now?  Who needs to see us as a friend, a listener, an encourAGEr, right now, today and tomorrow and into the future?

Well what are we “heroes” waiting for? Blessings on bringing hope, joy, peace, and civility back into our culture, all in the name of Jesus!

Rich Bimler