What’s Brewing – July 2019


The folks at St. Arbucks this morning were in a festive and feisty mood. We got into a great discussion regarding exercise, doing household chores, and evaluating the latest convenient ways of communicating with one another, especially in this complex world of ours. The catchy “theme” that surfaced in the group was, “How can we all ‘Live Brightly” in this society when there is so much bullying, self-serving, disrespect, bashing, and downright fear being shared and showered upon us constantly. One of the group shared that his new “quote” of the times is, “I am for the separation of Church and hate!”

So perhaps one small but significant way to handle these other major issues of the day, is to continue to do all that we can to take care of ourselves so that we are more ready to confront and combat that world of distrust and fear around us.

A recent study by a neurology research group confirms the value of any and all types of physical activities to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. “Washing the dishes” was right up there at the top of the list, along with cooking, cleaning, walking, aerobics, and golfing (but without a cart!). The Mayo Clinic confirms this study with their own research that adds that a combination of moderate exercise and mental stimulation through computer use can also reduce memory loss and also keep us better informed of issues in our present society.

To some, these results may seem to be stating the obvious, but they do reinforce the fact that for us older adults, keeping active in mind, body, and spirit sure does add quality and value to the aging process.  These are encouraging words for all of us, even if we do not enjoy doing the dishes!

As you have no doubt have heard, the number of older adults using the computer, e-mail, Facebook, and even texting, continues to increase. As a matter of fact, the age segment of people over 75 has the largest percentage of new computer users in the U.S. This  is most certainly  an encouraging sign as long as we mix our “sitting time” at the computer with more energizing and body stretching activities. I know a couple who has fallen into a non-healthy routine of e-mailing each other regularly while sitting in their offices, which happen to be located only a few steps away from each other! Perhaps they need to meet each other in the kitchen, to do dishes, of course!

Blending physical activities and mental exercises allows us to “Live Brightly!” It does not mean that our aches and pains and fears of today’s world will vanish and that we will “live happily ever after”, but it does mean that we will be able to live a life more abundantly in the Lord …and have more fun doing it! It does mean that we can become more aware of the brightness of life each day,  be more alive as we share this brightness with others, and become more involved in sharing our faith while we deal with the fears rivalries  of today’s world.

So enjoy the brightness of living lively in the Lord, each and every day. And even if you don’t like washing the dishes, go out and wash someone’s dog, or do the windows, or take a hike, or share your faith-full insights with people around you who have a different “world view” than you do. As a matter of fact, perhaps the best exercise of all is to walk daily…. with the Lord!  He’s right there with you, raring to go!

Rich Bimler

Ambassador of Health, Hope, and Aging