What’s Brewing – February 2019


What are some of your favorite quotes you have heard through the years? Which ones have you remembered and still share with family and friends? We all hear cute slogans, clever quips, and scintillating stories each day. Some I remember. Some I try to forget. Some I wish I could recall. I have found it fascinating to take a clever quote and build a story, article, or message around it, surrounded by good Law-Gospel theology, of course!

Well, that’s just what the St. Arbucks’ folks did recently as we were sipping and munching away. See what you think of them. Perhaps these will convince your mind to share some of your favorite stories with others as well. Ready, set, go:

  1. Mother Teresa said, “True holiness consists in doing God’s word with a smile.”
  2. Robert Orben quips, “I want to thank and pay tribute to all of our volunteers- those dedicated people who believe in all work and no pay.”
  3. Seen on a refrigerator door: “If you sleep on it, make it up; if you wear it, hang it up; if you drop it, pick it up; if you eat out of it, wash it; if you open it, close it; if you turn it on, turn it off; if you empty it, fill it up; if it rings, answer it; if it howls, feed it; if it cries, love it!”
  4. “The most handicapped person in the world is a negative thinker.” Heather Whitestone.
  5. Leon Bloy says, “Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of the Lord!”
  6. Robert Greenleaf quips, “Not much happens without a dream. And for something great to happen, there must be a dream. Behind every great achievement is a dreamer of dreams.”
  7. “The perception of a problem is always relative. Your headache feels terrific to your pharmacist!”
  8. “When we learn to laugh at ourselves we will have enough material to keep us laughing forever!”
  9. From an Australian aborigine woman: “If you come to help me, then you can go home again. But if you see my struggle as part of your own survival and life, then perhaps we can work together.”
  10. Something I wish I would have said, so I think I will – “A keen sense of humor helps us to overlook the unbecoming, understand the unconventional, tolerate the unpleasant, overcome the unexpected, and outlast the unbearable.”

Now how about you thinking and sharing your favorite quips with others? Much joy and wisdom can come of it. At least the folks at St. Arbucks have a good time with it, but of course, that might be the strong coffee talking!

And to close – we bring before the Lord the prayer of King Solomon; “Lord, give me a listening heart!” Blessings and joy as you share these quips and quotes with others as we continue to share God’s love and forgiveness.

And that’s what’s brewing at St. Arbucks this morning!

Rich Bimler