Resurrection Resource of the Month

January, 2018


The words of Herb Brokering are a special way to begin this New Year, with THANKS!

We give you thanks for earth and sky,

for heavens, stars, and sea,

and for the wonderment of love

inside God’s family.


You give us birth, all life, new years

of ecstasy and love;

we eat, we drink your daily gift

on earth as from above.


By faith you keep us near your side

to be our dearest friend.

Now lead us through new miracles

to heavens without end.


Help us to dig where wells run dry

and lift your drink on high,

to share your wealth with humankind

and know your reason why.


Today bless those who to this day

have grown your love in me.

to hold my heart upon the way

inside Christ’s family.

Thank You, Herb!

Herb Brokering, 2000, Augsburg Fortress