Resurrection Resource of the Month

September 2017

                                   AUTUMN IS MY FAVORITE COLOR !

“They are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever.” Matthew 10:29

It is Autumn! Time for football and red apple picking and brown cider and baseball playoff games and raking and ….falling! Someone once told me to never say “Happy Fall!” to an older person. Good advice, indeed.

The red and yellow leaves falling around us can remind us that we all do our share of falling, and failing, and flubbing, regardless of our age. Since the fall from grace as recorded in Genesis, you and I have taken our falls and have dealt with them with much familiarity.

Autumn is my favorite color because it reminds me that every time we fall, the Lord is there to pick us up! When we fall, we fall on our knees to praise and thank Him for picking us up again, all black and blue and bruised. But because we have been buried with Him in His death we also are raised with Him in His Resurrection. The colors of autumn remind us of His brilliance in bringing new life into us each day! We orange and gold saints in the Lord continue to plod on, still falling and failing, but also knowing that our Lord is always there to pick us up again!

So while we take our autumn walks this season, who can we name who has picked us up on our journey when we have stumbled? Thank the Lord that He sent these colorful friends to us! And who have we picked up as we have walked the daily roads of Faith and Fear? Thank the Lord for providing these ministry opportunities, too, and watch for others on Autumn Avenue today!

The Word of the Lord stands forever as He picks us up each day! That is why Autumn is my favorite color!