Resurrection Resource of the Month

October 2019


“…when you pray say, ‘Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come….” (Luke 11:2)

Four year old Freddy had a wonderful way with words! He would force his family to listen intently to him by sometimes mixing up a phrase or two, like praying “Halloween be thy name!”  Let us thank the Lord for little children who help us to think about and see our faith through their eyes!

Perhaps this Reformation and Halloween time of the year Fred’s wording can help us connect the Trick or Treats culture with the core values of our Christian faith. The Freddy’s of our lives can help us to see the Reformation as a “Reframe”-ation” of our walk with the Lord. Perhaps his prayer will trigger us to even proclaim “Hallow –Wheeee!” as we celebrate a Lord who makes us Holy through his life, death, and resurrection!

Listen today to those little Resurrection Resources, called children, who the Lord has placed around us. Share your faith- stories with them as they rehearse for you their wonderful world of words and wisdom and wows.

We pray: Lord, teach us through little children, and help us to pray, “Give us today our daily Freds, Amen!

Listen to God’s gift of children today, and give thanks, in your own words!

Dr. Rich Bimler

Ambassador of Health, Hope, and Aging