Resurrection Resource of the Month

April 2018


So, how’s your Easter going? Not a bad question to ask to help remind ourselves and others that Easter is – all day, every day, even when those good friday incidents in our lives continue to spoil the celebration.

A recent cartoon suggests a grand idea. The Church Council was studying their congregation’s attendance record which showed declining attendance. One member proposed this solution: “Let’s call every Sunday Easter!”

Better than that, how about us calling every day Easter, because It is! He is risen, not just once a year, or even once a week on Sunday, but every day of every year!

Matthew 28:7 reminds us again that “He has risen from the dead, and behold, he is going before you to Galilee.” What comfort to know that He also goes with us to our “Galilees”, which may look a lot like our homes and churches and schools and offices and …on and on and on. As Sister Coretta Kent once said, “He is, and He is here –the signs are all around us!”

With all due respect to the Church Year calendar, let us affirm and rejoice in knowing that every day is Easter, because “Look, the tomb is empty, won’t you come and see”?

And so you and I, just like those woman on that first Easter , leave the empty tomb and go into our Galilees, ready and willing to Easterize the world! What an exciting way to celebrate Easter, today!

Go ye forth….and Easterize!

Rich Bimler