Resurrection Resource of the Month

March 2019

                                               From NO To YES!

2 Corinthians 1:18-20

Have you ever felt like that quasi-theologian, W.C. Fields, who once said, “Begin each day with a smile – and get it over with”?   If so, you might be having a bad day, a “No” kind of day. We all have them – it’s called Life!

The beauty of our  Lenten walk is that even when  people throw us all of those “can’t do’s” and “no ways” and “shame on you’s”, the Lord continues to bring us to faith with His “Yes you can’s”, and “way to go’s”, and “Wow you did it’s”! How does He turn the No’s of life into His Yes of life? By being that big YES as He comes to live and suffer and die and be raised for us! Look for the Cross each day of your journey. It’s in the form of a YES!

Come to think of it, perhaps by starting each day with a Yes smile is one way the Lord enables us to be a YES to those around us. …. Thanks, W.C.

Lord, Thanks for turning the NO’s of Life into the big YES of the Cross! Amen.

UH-OH Murmur: Share when you have been a “No” to someone close to you.

AH-HA Moment: Celebrate forgiveness in the Lord ..and share forgiving words to someone else today.

(Excerpt from AH-HA Moments, Lenten Devotional, Creative Communications)