Our Purpose

Welcome to Rich and Charlie Resources! The focus of this website is to “encourage one another” through words, reflections, laughter, wondering, wandering, connecting …and lots more!
Each in his own way, Rich Bimler and Charlie Mueller, Sr. have spent most of their lives in ministries of encouragement to professional church workers, lay leaders, families, parents, children, youth, congregations, communities, and movements. With this website, they continue to promote, affirm, entice, and celebrate ideas and resources that will benefit you, and those around you.
Some of the ideas they will dig from their treasure troves are old (there are lots of golden oldies waiting to be rediscovered!). Some will be brand-spanking new (every new idea has a beginning!). Some of the ideas shared will come from your own treasure troves as you encourage us to encourage others by using this website as your platform to connect and encourage others.
There will be references to books and articles, news items and personal faith stories , ministry models that need sharing, and people and organizations that need to be discovered by you and others.
Rich and Charlie will Resource anyone who is busy affirming others, in the name of the healing Christ.  Might that be you?

Rich  and Charlie