Just Watching – April 2019

IT’S A REAL HAPPENING!     For years R and C Resources has been forecasting an imminent tsunami of Super-Seniors.  Not just Seniors (those 65 and older) but Super-Seniors (those 85 and older).  Surprise.  Seniors, plus 490,000 Super-Seniors, are here – with more pouring our way just down the road.  Did you notice?

WINDSOR PARK    Audie and I now live in Windsor Park, a residence primarily for Senior/Super-Senior men and women (more women than men) many/most of whom are over 80 years of age. Our Windsor Park world is full of fascinating folk who are only living longer but are living longer longer.  That fact when extended across the US populace means that we will need a constant increase in yesterday’s promised Medicare dollars.  Ditto yesterday’s pension commitments.  Great-grandparents and great-grandchildren have an eye on the same future tax dollar.  That looks like a problem.  Solution?  First voluntary and the involuntary euthanasia is being hinted at even now by the same immoral “majority” who approve late-term abortion today.  Am I a fear monger?  Check out Earl’s comments in a contemporary Pickles cartoon to which I will later refer.

Just so you don’t think I’m the only guy concerned with Senior/Super-Senior changes have you noticed the number of books and articles about life after 65 that are hitting the market today?  We are long past the day when it was assumed that anyone over 60 would be parked in an Altenheim, or some such similarly named home for the aged, where they would be satisfied to daily rock into eternity on the home’s front porch.  That picture doesn’t sell today.   2019 has an abundance of age sensitive visionary people and organizations who don’t like rocking chairs.  They like to rock boats.   A few examples?

KALAMAZOO    Zion Lutheran Church’s (Kalamazoo, Michigan) monthly publication. “Harbinger” is much, much more than the average congregational newsletter.  It’s more like a pan-generational literary magazine (16 pages, plus) filled with well written news and notes, stimulating book reviews, comments about social, community and ecclesiastical shifts, original “think pieces”, informative parish reports and much else.  The March 2019 issue announced Zion’s latest effort to be known as “Aging with His Grace Ministry”.  That ministry will reach in/out to the age segment that is living longer and living longer longer.   Zion sees a Senior/Super-Senior population segment everywhere they look and are anxious to seek and save them.   Want to know more about what a Gold Star congregation’s pan-generational efforts?   E-mail Pastor Tim Seeber at Zion@zionkazoo.org and ask for a copy of their parish monthly.  Read it and then go and do likewise.   All it will take is understanding, commitment and hard work.

MORE FROM THE FRONT LINES     Pastor Dick Koehneke (Ft. Wayne pastor and regular R and C Resources contributor) flagged two other noteworthy age related items.  One is the book “Women Rowing North” written by clinical psychologist Mary Pipher.  “North” in the title refers to “getting older”.  “Rowing” implies hard work that effective aging requires.  The Wall Street Journal’s review of Pipher’s book offered three “rowing north” survival insights.  The rowers need to recognize : 1) gratitude as a positive response after working through life’s age-related pain and suffering; 2) managing expectations means learning how to get what you want from life by knowing what to want; 3) developing a sense of humor is crucial as you first become a   Senior and then keep moving on into Super-Seniordom.  Buy and read her book.  Oh yes, she says she writes primarily for and about the women because they are her professional specialization.   I feel her female shoes will fit my male foot fine.    What do you think?

Richard offered more.  He was the first to alert me to the “Reformation Retirement Manifesto” which was issued by the Colson Center for Christian World View.  As best I can tell being promoted by John Strongstreet who fronts an age related organization and a radio program.   I’m sure the Manifesto will be passed on by others.  In point of fact while it is important it’s nothing new.   Rather it’s a kind of generalized distillation of what past Senior visionaries have encouraged on those who are getting older and  little uncertain about what to do as that is happening.   Something to think about.

MARY SIMON Well known author Mary Simon wrote about comments I had made about a recent publication, “Aging Thoughtfully”. She added, “…I appreciate the opportunity for us to look down the road through your eyes.”   In return I appreciate all that Mary is doing or all of us on such a broad age related front.   She understands that prepared for it or not tomorrow is just down the road for each of us.   Whether that will be a happy day will depend on whether and how we prepare for it.    Hand in hand with Him it will be a wower.  So…..

PICKLES: EARL AND OPAL    I look forward each morning to a daily newspaper cartoon serving of Earl and Opal, two Super-Seniors.  The strip is called “Pickles”.

One strip last week featured Earl and an older friend.  Earl said, “I heard a guy on his cell phone the other day say that it is the duty of old people to die and get out of the way”.  His friend answered, “That’s pretty cold hearted.” Earl’s response, “My new motto is, ‘Old, in the way, and here to stay’.” 

Or, in one cartoon Earl’s wife Opal shouts from somewhere in the house: “Earl!”.   Earl answers: “What?”.  That same exchange is repeated for two more panels before Earl in the last one says to his grandson: “Some days we play this game for hours.”  Makes me wonder whether the strip could just as easily be named, “Rich and Charlie”, or…..

I love the humorous lift that I get every morning from Opal and Earl.   My approach makes me think I’m doing OK by one of Mary Pipher’s “Women Rowing North” survival criteria: maintaining a sense of humor.

90 YEARS OLD AND STILL GOING    I appreciate Dr. Simon’s comments about “looking down the road through your eyes”.  I’m delighted to help anyone who is interested in doing that.  But my real goal in life is to help Seniors and Super-Seniors look down their own road through their own eyes.  If the reaction to what I write is, “That’s interesting and I need to remember his experience,” I have failed in what I set out to do.  But if the reaction is, “So that’s what is going on in my life.  I need to be on top of it myself”, then every hour I work at Just Watching is worth it.  It’s another application of the adage: “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and feed him for his life.”  Here’s to all who want to teach others to fish as Jesus dared to do with already Master Fisherman Peter in John 21:9.

In the meanwhile, whether viewed as a chronological date or personal event Easter is near at hand for all, to Super-Seniors more than most.  May it be a blessed day for all.  “Be not afraid.  He is not here.  He has risen.”

Amen to that.