AH-HA Moments

The Purpose

The Resurrection is the ultimate AH-HA Moment! All other AH-HA’s flow from that world- changing Miracle!

The purpose of these AH-HA Moments will be to celebrate with you the AH-HA Moments that continue to happen around us each day, even in the midst of the OH-OH Moments in your life as well as mine. We will celebrate together the firm fact that after every Good Friday (OH-OH) in our lives, there is always an Easter (AH-HA!).

What are some AH-HA Moments that have happened to you recently? New births, new experiences, old friends re-connecting, nice affirming e-mails, a letter from a past friend, a delicious dinner shared with someone, a new “smart phone” (I just purchased an in- expensive device, called a “smart-aleck phone!), your favorite sports team bringing home a victory, a refreshing sound of a favorite music selection, a quiet reflection from the Scriptures …and on and on and on!

My sense is that AH-HA Moments can only be appreciated and celebrated as we deal with the OH-OH moments in our daily lives. AH-HA Moments do not rid our lives of OH-OH moments but instead help us to deal with them because of Christ’s OH-OH experience on the Cross. OH-OH moments move us from fear and despair from our own anxieties and failures to Christ’s triumphant Resurrection – that stunning AH-HA Moment for all of us!

AH-HA is another way of shouting Hooray, Amen, Praise the Lord, You Betcha! We celebrate the AH-HA’s of live, in the midst of our OH-OH’s, because we know how it all turns out! We live on this side of the Resurrection. …and that’s good enough for me!

Watch for the AH-HA’s in your own life today. Celebrate them. Share them. Savor them. Thank God for them. And then continue to work at dealing with your OH-OH’s through the AH-HA’s of the Resurrection.

Hey look, the Cross is Empty …and so is the Tomb! May the Lord bless us all, through the AH-HA’s and OH-OH’s of life , as together with the women at that first Easter Party, we leave the empty tomb,  “….. afraid yet filled with joy!”

Ready or not world, here we come ….AH-HA and Amen!

Rich Bimler