AH-HA Moments – September 2018

“He is, and He is here – the signs are all around us!”

This is a favorite quote of mine from Sister Corita Kent. She captures the presence and proclamation power of our Lord in our daily lives. We only need to learn to see and sense the Lord’s presence in and around us, big and small, known and unknown. Through the Spirit, we need to encourAGE others to do the same. How can we more intentionally listen for the chirp of the morning sparrow, the chuckle of a child, the glance of the grandmother, and the sounds of our world around us? If you are like I am, we too often miss the beauty and grace of the presence of our God in all that we do, because we are so focused and intent on dealing with ourselves and our own issues.

This Gospel mind-set can also be called “God Sightings!” How can we train our minds and lifestyles to look more for the love and joy and forgiveness in the world, rather than be captured by the daily headlines of today? Or, to say it a different way, how can we become aware that “God Sightings” do come to us even from the worries and wars and woes in ourselves and throughout the world? Perhaps these “God Sightings” are beckoning us to become more involved in helping others see His Presence in our lives and witness!

A few examples from my own experiences these past days:

  1. Lutheran Summer Music Program was held again at Valparaiso University this summer. Around 100 high schoolers from all over the country gathered for a month of intensive study, practice, relationships, learning, and performances of their musical gifts. Talk about God Sightings! What a powerful witness to the talents of young people as well as the leadership of adults to encourage and involve these youngsters in worship, music, and relationships in intentional ways. For more information, contact Mr. Tom Bandar, Executive Director, Lutheran Music Program, TBandar@lutheransummermusic.org . Consider encouraging young people from your family and congregation to register for the July, 2019 event!

 2  Author Parker Palmer has just come out with an excellent new book that surely will be a “God Sightings” resource for many! Titled, “On the Brink of Everything – Grace, Gravity, and Getting Old,” (Berrett- Koehler, 2018), Dr.Palmer affirms the gift of aging in so many insightful ways. It is so affirming to hear this 80 year old begin by stating, “I like being old!” From that simple, yet profound statement, I knew I was going to like this book! And what about this one: “Aging and Dying – one is a privilege and the other is not up for 

negotiation.” ! He speaks eloquently about the fact that our culture celebrates youth, disparages old age, and discourages us to face our own mortality. He urges us to see the “God Sightings” around us as we reframe aging as a passage of discovery and engagement and not decline and inaction.  Check it out and watch for the “God Sightings” imbedded throughout these pages!

3.One final item: September 9 is “officially” Grandparents Day! Celebrate it well, whether or not you are a grandparent! What better gift can we older adults give to our own grandkids, and those other kids around us, than to let them help us “celebrate” our lives together? Don’t worry about whether your grandkids remember this “big” day, make it a “God Sightings’ day by thanking them for being …..kids! And then follow up with them through additional activities, notes, kind words, encourAGEments, and prayers. Happy Grand Parents Day, as we continue to become “God Sightings” for others, the younger and the older.

Have a great “AH-HA Moments” Month in the Lord….and watch for those God Sightings popping up all around us!

Rich Bimler