AH-HA Moments – September 2017


What an “AH-HA Moment” to have another birthday! Birthdays remind us that the Lord still has plans for us as He empowers us to serve and celebrate aging as a blessing instead of a burden.

Here is a quick list of things I’ve learned (and am still learning!) about aging:

  1. The Lord sure loves older people because He is making so many more of us!
  2. With aging comes wisdom, as long as we define “wisdom” as “knowing that we do not know everything”!
  3. It is not who we “know” in life that counts, but it is who we “yes” in life that makes all the difference.
  4. Just be your self – everyone else is already taken!
  5. As we age, we are able to feel more comfortable with ourselves in just Being who we are rather than in Doing who we are.
  6. Our church and culture still do not understand that aging is something to celebrate rather than something to endure.
  7. Hallmark cards continue to be a major deterrent to people of all ages to grasp that aging is a gift. Notice the fact that birthday cards for people from 40-75 years old are generally negative, ageist, cruel, and portray older people as boring, crotchety, helpless, and incompetent.
  8. However, let’s not blame this negativism on Hallmark cards alone. Many of us older adults have “bought” into this attitude because we have grown up with these generalizations being stated and lived out among us. Notice the ads that encourage older people to “think young”, “look young”, and be “wrinkle-free”. I do not want to be 17 years old again. I just want to be the best 77 year old that I can be!
  9. In saying all of this, let me strongly point out the urgency for us 77 year old types to continue to laugh at ourselves in order not to take ourselves toooo seriously! Let us laugh and enjoy each age. If anyone can “make fun’ of older people, it is older people themselves, because there is so much for us to laugh at about ourselves. Why make fun of the younger people when we can laugh all we want at ourselves and our peers!
  10. On this my 77th year, going into my 78th, join with me in a new campaign we are launching. It is affectionately called “Be a G.O.A.T.”, which stands for “Grand Old Adult in Training”! Applications are now being accepted!
  11. And remember the old saying, “If you’ve met one 77 year old …..you’ve met one 77 year old”! There is only one of each of us …thank the Lord!

Rich Bimler