AH-HA Moments – October 2018


Whenever I think of AH-HA Moments, I am reminded of the sign I saw many years ago, which read, “Until Further Notice, Celebrate Everything”! What a great motto for living a life in the Lord!

What is your favorite saying that describes your life in the Lord? Perhaps it’s a Bible verse or an old saying your Mom used to share. All I remember my Mom saying was, “Richie, don’t eat with your mouth full!”  Maybe it’s a catchy phrase a teacher reiterated. One of my model educators liked to quip, “Laughter is carbonated holiness!” Then there’s author Ann Lamont’s quote, “Laughter is another way of crossing ourselves!” And let’s not forget good old Woody Allen who murmured, “Laughter is great…except when milk comes out of your nose!!

So, Holy Hilarity people of God, what keeps you focused on the joy we have in the Lord? We know that we live on “this side” of the Resurrection because of what He has already done for us. We’ve read the last chapter of the book, and so we know how it all turns out, in Christ!

Personally, during these days of worries, woes, whimpers, and wars, within us and around us, I need to keep remembering that the Lord has already redeemed us with His death and Resurrection. That does not make things “right” with the world, but it does put life in perspective. In the midst of the slander, sleaziness, and short-sightedness of today’s world, we as God’s people can still share and show the AH-HA’s of a life lived in the Lord!

So take time today, and tomorrow, and the next, to see the gift of laughter and joy as so crucial, especially in times like this. We can’t “laugh away” our struggles, but laughter does help to keep life in perspective, as we celebrate His joy-filled presence among us!

Review the following list of why laughter is such “good medicine” for the soul, and add some of your thoughts as well:

  1. It helps us maintain our perspective on life.
  2. It gives us a sense of power.
  3. It helps us cope.
  4. It helps establish communication and rapport.
  5. It relieves tension.
  6. It increases learning and retention.
  7. It can be used as a diagnostic tool.
  8. It works because of the incongruities of life.
  9. No need to tell “jokes” – just think “funny”. Look for humor in everyday situations, starting with your own foibles!
  10. Laughter is a Gift…”The Lord has done great things for us…and we are filled with joy! (Psalm 126:3)

As a doctor friend says to his patients, “Open your mouth wide and say, “AH-HA”!

Rich Bimler