AH-HA Moments – November 2018

Here is the 30 day November calendar of day-by-day Notions to Noodle and Nibble on New ways to celebrate the Now days of November! Enjoy!

  1. Celebrate your Sainthood on All Saints’ Day!
  2. Do something NICE for a stranger – just because!
  3. Start the day with a St. Arbucks to remember that “Coffee is a Hug in a Mug!”
  4. Daylight Saving Time Ends – Will you be late or early for worship?
  5. Make this a Magnificent Monday, in the Lord!
  6. Election Day – Vote as if your vote counts …it does!
  7. Look for the Wows on this Wednesday – they are all around us!
  8. This Thursday is the time to do something for yourself ….because you deserve it!
  9. It is Martin Chemnitz’ Birthday today. If you don’t know him, Google him!
  10. Saturdays are good times to clean the house …or not! It’s up to you!
  11. Today is the 25th Sunday after Pentecost. Let the Spirit guide and inspire you!
  12. Make this Monday a Yummy Day! Give treats out to your special friends!
  13. Know anyone who has a birthday today? Call or e-mail them to say HI.
  14. This is Whimsical Wednesday, just because! Share a funny joke or story with a friend.
  15. How can you make this Thursday a Thrilling one for someone else?
  16. Pray for 16 people today, and let them know you did!
  17. Mark this as “Do anything you want to do” day …and go ahead and DO it, just because!
  18. Talk to 5 new people at worship this morning, and rejoice with them through Word and song!
  19. Make final plans for your Thanksgiving celebration this week and be sure to include the hungry, the hurting, and the harried.
  20. Think of some special treats to give some friends to make it a Terrific Tuesday for both them and you!
  21. Clean the house …Your company is on their way! Or, if not, a little dusting won’t hurt anything!
  23. Reflect on yesterday’s Thanksgiving events. What went well? What did not? See every day as a Thanks-giving day, in spite of the spilled gravy and spots on the rug!
  24. Try not to start your Christmas shopping and plans yet. Instead, indulge in prayers of Thanksgiving and keep the season focused on the Lord!
  25. This is the last Sunday of the Church Year! Rejoice and give thanks with some hearty AH-HA’s!
  26. Hooray for the last Monday of the month. What can you do to make it a special day?
  27. It’s national AH-HA Day, so tell one, or more, jokes to your friends. (Well, honestly, it really isn’t AH-HA Day, but let’s make it one anyway!)
  28. Work hard at making this Wednesday a Wow Day instead of a Worry Day. Yes, you can do it!
  29. Celebrate this Thursday as National Thirst Day, by drinking plenty of water…and remembering your Baptism as well!
  30. On this final day of November, we remember and give thanks to the Apostle, St. Andrew, for his faithful sacrifices and faith in the Lord. May we also continue to bring AH-HA Moments in the Lord to those around us.  Look out, December, here we come!

Blessed November as we continue to Noodle and Nibble on ways to Give Thanks and Live Thanks….. AH-HA-ing all the way Home!

Rich Bimler