AH-HA Moments – March 2019

What do you get when you bring together over 2200 people of God, of all ages, for a 3 day experience of worship, prayer, fellowship, learning, and laughter? You get a fantastic “AH-HA Moment” experience as you connect, re-connect, grow, and absorb the joy and presence of the Lord through His people, from all over the country!

I am referring to the Best Practice Conference that happens each Spring at Christ Church Lutheran, Phoenix. What a powerful assortment of God’s AH-HA people! Pastor Jeff Schrank and a cast of hundreds host this annual event which provides a platform for professional church workers and laypersons to gather together to teach and learn, laugh and pray, and to support and encourage one another.

No decisions are made, no resolutions are passed, and it is certainly a joy NOT to ever hear the term “Point of Order” shouted from the crowd!  These people of all ages are there to share their gifts, learn together, develop ministry relationships, and celebrate and serve each other as God’s saints.

These folks do not show up in Phoenix in February just to enjoy the sun and warmth of their winters. No way! This was especially tested this year as it rained and never got above 50 for the whole week. I had heard that Phoenix is bearable in the summer because of its “dry heat”, but it is certainly a stretch to call the weather last week, “dry wet”! At least the steady rain kept reminding us participants of our daily Baptism and allowed us to remember that we are always “walking wet” in the Lord!

For more information, contact Pastor Jeff Schrank (jschrank@cclphoenix.org) or Nancy Barton (nbarton@cclphoenix.org) and consider attending next year’s event, February 20-22, 2020. You will be blessed for being there as well as being a blessing to those who attend with you.

And there’s more good news: There is no cost to attend! (That doesn’t even sound Lutheran!) All you need to do is get there and find a place to stay. All meals, materials, and the total program is provided by Christ Church Lutheran! Now that’s what I call a servant ministry! Another unique component is that participants volunteer to lead sectional presentations to share their expertise and skills. What a way to earn and grow with your peers. Plenty of national and international mission and ministry partners are also present to provide resources and significant materials and resources with you as well.

See you there, rain or shine, as we continue to share and celebrate the AH-HA Moments all around us!

Rich Bimler