AH-HA Moments – June 2019

What better time than June to reflect again on the gifts that the Lord continues to provide all of us, regardless of our age. This AH-HA litany hopefully helps us reflect on the present, promise, and presence of our AH-HA Lord through each and every day of our lives! Enjoy and celebrate!

                                     OLDER ADULTS – THE MINISTERING ONES!

Happy are those who suffer with the very young, the very old, and the very lonely.

                                            FOR THEY HAVE COMPASSION  

Happy are those who greet the world with smiles, laughter, and anticipation.

                                             FOR THEY HAVE COURAGE

Happy are those who live not for themselves but for others.

                                            FOR THEY HAVE FREEDOM

Happy are those how listen and hear and extend their hands.

                                           FOR THEY HAVE UNDERSTANDING

Happy are those who speak gently, live humbly.

                                                FOR THEY HAVE DIGNITY

Happy are those who live simply, love deeply.

                                              FOR THEY HAVE SINCERITY

Happy are those who live intensely and sing through life the praises if the Risen Christ.

                                               FOR THEY HAVE AWARENESS.

Happy are those who have compassion and courage, freedom and understanding, dignity , sincerity, and awareness.

                                                  FOR THEY ARE UNIQUE

Happy are those who at times forget their priorities, focus too much on themselves, react inappropriately to others, and sometimes even make a big mess of things.

                                               FOR THEY ARE FORGIVEN !!!

      Rich Bimler