AH-HA Moments – July 2018

                 MEDITATE ON THIS!                                                                  

Breaking News: Did you know that meditation is linked to a positive effect on older adults’ lives? Well, yea!

A recent article in U.S. News and World Report praises the many benefits of meditation for all ages, but especially for those over 60.  Prayers, solitude, reflections, and devotional times have strong effects on attention, memory functions, and general cognition. Greater well-being and increased peace and gratitude toward life are also products of regular times of prayer, devotion, and “a time to remember who we are”!

It increases gratitude for what we have and allows us to become more grounded as we struggle through difficult situations. It improves our sense of resiliency, decreases our stress, and has a calming effect on all people, especially the older adults.

Besides all of this good news, we can make this happen without any more pills! We can do it anywhere.  It works quite rapidly in our system, enhances our mood, and it even increases our energy!

Studies also show, if the above isn’t enough evidence (!), that regular meditation brings greater well-being, increases peace, and makes us more aware of the abundance of blessings in our lives!

Perhaps you already knew about this gift that the Lord gives to us. Perhaps you are already very regular in your weekly worship, daily prayer times, and regular “timeouts” to just sit and thank the Lord for ALL of His gifts. Others, like me, may have sensed the need for these quiet times and reflective moments but still have not made them daily “Holy Habits”. Well, what are we waiting for!

These daily meditation times can become tremendous “AH-HA” moments for all of us! They can refresh and renew us and help us to focus on who and Whose we are. As we age, these patterns of reflecting can change our mindset from DOING into a focus on BEING God’s people, just because we are His!   As Frank Cunningham states in his excellent book, “Vesper Time”, “since we (older adults) are not so noticeable anymore, why not engage in the spiritual quest of abandoning our egos!” In other words, no need to do great things to be noticed and praised! Simply BE who we are as God’s people as we meditate, mediate and model to the younger that we are human Beings first ,instead of human Doers.  To meditate is to daily recall, remember, and rejoice in the Resurrection that is ours, always!

May we make our daily meditations, reflections, and devotions AH-HA Moments, not only to make us “feel” better, but to also continue to point us to THE Mediator, Christ the Lord!

As a final AH-HA Moment, isn’t it affirming to realize that MEditate begins with ME? There must be a MEssage there somewhere!

Rich Bimler