AH-HA Moments – August 2018


“Changing Aging” is what AH-HA people do! AH-HA people are able to take the responsibility to make the world a better place by recognizing that “we” are not only the problem but “we” are also the solution to many things. Ageism continues to run rampant throughout our church and society. God’s people, you and me, young and old, can “change the climate” by acknowledging how we, usually unknowingly, continue to perpetuate the problem by what we say, think, and by how we behave. I listen to my own biases surfacing when I say to my 78 year old friend, “Hi there, young fella!” He’s not young – he’s 78 years old! Or when I hear someone blurt out, “Oh to be young again!”, and I do not speak up to point out this obvious flaw in not seeing aging as a gift. And on and on and on!

Check out these “mini-AH-HA” thoughts as you evaluate your own concepts and behaviors around the aging process:

  1. Never forget your own insignificance!
  2. Seek joy in the saddest places.
  3. Respect strength, not power.
  4. Seek joy in relationships, not power; and find God’s grace in the loss of power.
  5. Forgive yourself.
  6. Befriend death.
  7. Allow change. Accept loss.
  8. Befriend the younger – and encourAGE!
  9. Cry and laugh whenever you need to.
  10. Stay connected to special people in your life. Don’t “go it” alone!
  11. Never make fun of someone older or younger than yourself. Only laugh at those who are your own age!
  12. Never get used to injustices.
  13. Aging allows us to be more of a BE-er and less of a DO-er – and that’s a blessing!
  14. Enjoy the diminishment in our lives that frees us up to listen, to celebrate, and to forgive.
  15. Slow down – it’s okay!

Seems that what we learn from the aging process is pretty much what Jesus was teaching!

Have an AH-HA day, in the Lord, whatever your age! (and thanks to Pastor Steve from Unfolding Light for his inspiration and insight.)