AH-HA Moments – August 2017

Anniversaries are special AH-HA Moments! Whether we are celebrating marriage, church anniversaries, or any other special occasion, it is a splendid time to sing and shout out to the Lord, “Thanks for these memories of grace and goodness!”

Below is a very special hymn, especially commissioned for the celebration of the 125th anniversary of Lutheran Life Communities. It was written by Jeff Burkart and David Christian, musicians extraordinaire,  who captured the vision statement as well as the past, present, and future direction of this ministry of “empowering vibrant, grace-filled living across all generations.”

This is a special gift to you and your congregation as you continue to “celebrate God’s gift of aging” in all ways possible. Instead of seeing aging as a burden to endure, this hymn emphasizes the fact that aging is a blessing to celebrate, as individuals, families, congregations and other communities gather together to worship and praise the Lord of all generations! Feel free to print copies and use this resource as you wish, to engAGE and encourAGE people of all ages!

Watch for more resources coming from Lutheran Life Communities during the next year as we partner with congregations to emphasize and engage people of all ages in the gift of aging! Check out their website at www.LutheranLifeCommunities.org.  

Happy Singing! Happy sharing your faith through this special gift, to you! And keep living out these AH=HA Moments, in the Lord!

Hymn- Where the Shepherds Sheep are Tended

Rich Bimler