A place to encourage one another, through words and ideas and questions and support ….all in the name of our Lord Who is the Encourager of us all!  We encourage you to be an EncourAGEr also!


10. Go to a professional baseball game or

      Go to Wrigley Field.

9. Visit a museum or

    Visit the home of your Grandparents.

8. Have a BBQ with friends or

    Cook up something with the “grill” of your dreams!

7. Take a Caribbean cruise or

    Take a trip to Nebraska to detassel corn.

6. Research how to grow egg plant or

    Just go outside and bury a chicken!

5. Go on a fishing trip or

    Go catch an intriguing movie.

4. Watch David Letterman reruns or

    Simply go to bed earlier.

3. Work on your tan at the swimming pool or

    Dive into a good book.

2. Start a daily walk routine or

    Learn how to make a meal in a wok.

1. Take down your Christmas lights or

    Discover Christmas is only 6 months away so you can just wait!