This is a place to encourage one another, through words and ideas and questions and support ….all in the name of our Lord Who is the Encourager of us all!  We encourage you to be an EncourAGEr also!


  1. SMILE :) at everyone you see today and sense their reactions, and yours.
  2. SAY “Thanks” and “Yes” more than “No” and “Can’t” and see how this changes people’s attitudes.
  3. SEE the humor in things around you – and laugh out loud at least twice a day!
  4. STOP allowing others to set your mood.
  5. STRENGTHEN your relationships with those who are near and dear to you.
  6. SET limits on what you can do today on the basis of your own energies and priorities.
  7. SETTLE in for a SUPER and SPECIAL SEPTEMBER, starting today!

Free One: Share with others your strengths, passions, and hope for both the Church and the world!