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You wake up yelling, “BINGO”!

You forget where you parked the car while you are at home.

You brush your teeth with Preparation H.

You have more hair in your ears and nose than on your head.

Your favorite drink is prune juice on the rocks.

You forget your families’ names, but can remember when Jeopardy is on TV.

You get tired waking up.

“Chewing gum” now just means you forget to put your teeth in.

If you pull your pants up any higher you will have to keep the zipper open in order to see.

You sit in front of the microwave waiting for a clearer picture.

You believe GPS stands for Going Places Slowly.

You take more naps than your grandkids.

You have more spots than a leopard.

You have to store all of your medicine in a walk-in closet.

The first word you taught your first grandchild was “Huh?”

Written by Robert Bimler for the book Joyfully Aging by Rich Bimler