This is a place to encourage one another, through words and ideas and questions and support ….all in the name of our Lord Who is the Encourager of us all!  We encourage you to be an EncourAGEr also!

Here are some ways to celebrate June all month long!

June 1: National Say Something Nice Day – You Have a Great SMILE! :)

June 2: National Rocky Road Day – This is the Ice Cream, Not Pot-Hole filled Streets!

June 3: National Repeat Day – National Repeat Day

June 4: National Cheese Day – Make it a Gouda one!

June 5: National Running Day – Grab your Shoes and Get Going!

June 6: National Yo-Yo Day – This Day has its Ups and Downs!

June 7: National Donut Day – Do-Nut Miss this One!

June 8: National Rose’ Day – Please Don’t Whine Too Much though!

June 9: National Light Your Fire Day – Celebrate Pentecost Well!

June 10: National Black Cow Day – This is Observed Everyday in Nebraska!

June 11: National German Chocolate Cake Day – Just….. YUM!

June 12: National Red Rose Day – Pick a Good One!

June 13: National Weed Your Garden Day – Just…..YUCK!

June 14: National Flag Day – Salute!

June 15: National Smile Power Day – Share Your Great SMILE! :)

June 16: Father’s Day AND National Fudge Day – Coincidence…I Don’t Think So!

June 17: National Eat Your Vegetables Day – Same person that came up with Weed Your Garden Day?!

June 18: National Go Fishing Day – Do this Just for the Halibut!

June 19: National Martini Day – CHEERS!

June 20: National Hike with a Geek Day – Grab a Geek and GO!

June 21: National Selfie Day – Your Kids/Grandkids can Help with this One!

June 22: National Onion Rings Day – For Those who Like Their Holidays Deep-Fried!

June 23: National Hydration Day – Celebrate with Water only Please!

June 24: National Pralines Day – A Louisiana Tradition for One and All!

June 25: National Strawberry Parfait Day – This Treat Counts as a Fruit Serving!

June 26: National Chocolate Pudding Day – Why did We Wait so Long for This one?!

June 27: National Sunglasses Day – Your Future’s so Bright You have to wear Shades!

June 28: National Alaska Day – Did Juneau this even existed?!

June 29: National Waffle Iron Day – Break out the Waffle Iron and give it a Good Workout!

June 30: National Meteor Watch Day – What an Exciting way to end the Month! Right?!